These abstract shorts emerge from a film group, I was part of, called SALON 14.

SALON 14 is dedicated to the individual cinematic development and discovery of all its members.
It offers a platform, where they don’t have to please an audience or meet certain standards.
The work of each member is reflected by the group and thereby gets an opportunity to advance through
continuous practical work and an open dialogue.
A set of rules were set to maintain discipline – making up the fundament for a free filmic exchange.
In each meeting, a topic and a technical specification is set up and the films have to meet them.

SALON 14 – Topic: Dream – Technical Spec: Racking Focus

SALON 14 – Topic: Sandwich – Technical Spec: Dirty Lens

SALON 14 – Topic: Architecture – Technical Spec: Low Light

SALON 14 – Topic: Music Video Ocouer – My Love
Technical Spec: Camera Movement

SALON 14 – Topic: Frigidity – Technical Spec: Glitch