Director’s Statement about DER NARR

In the year 2013, I was flying on an airplane and got one of those free newspapers that they hand out. Now, I know that one article, I was going to find, would affect me for the next years to come. The headline said: „Nicht lustig“ („Not funny“). The artice was talking about a mysterious clown that was sighted in the streets of Northampton. People liked him as much as they hated him.
That idea followed me to the southwest of Germany where I kept thinking about the backstory of a person whom may want to dress up at night to hide himself as much as he would like to go out and get attention.

As a female storyteller, I felt connected to that secret figure in several different ways. One part is that playfull challenge a clown would go through being faced with pedestrians.

Another might be the attraction to that horror effect that lies within. But the most important aspect – a metaphor to a life in a superficial society – was to showcase how a person might feel to cover up her face from day to day with a thick layer of make-up to hide as many flaws possible in hope to find people being interested.

Thus DER NARR is a metaphorical tale about the struggle to find attention in society. And how difficult it is to find true connection no matter how much you try.

Korinna Herzig, 2016